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TikTok Vidcon 2022
Project Overview
The Challenge

As title sponsor of Vidcon 2022, TikTok needed to excite and WOW the creator community.

The Strategy

2022 was the year of TikTok and the strategy going into Vidcon was to BE EVERYWHERE.

The Execution

We worked with TikTok to create touch points for creators throughout the entire Vidcon journey. The entrance to the Anaheim convention center was wrapped with TikTok branding and featured a 24' tall interactive aTikTok note. Inside the convention center featured VIP creator lounges called the Creator Atrium and the main stage featured TikTok panel discussions. The festival highlight was the TikTok HOUSEPARTY which invited 500 of the World's biggest content creators to an exclusive HOUSE PARTY with interactive touch points, a live stream 'pink carpet' and live performances!

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