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Paramount+Finding Yellowstone
Project Overview
The Challenge

Heading into the highly anticipated Season 4 Premiere, Paramount wanted a buzz strategy to engage fans on social and keep the show white hot amongst its loyal fans. How could Paramount engage its fans on social in a BIG WAY while also avoiding ‘in-person’ gatherings due Covid-19 Pandemic and the new strain of Omnicron?

The Strategy

Given regulations surrounding large 'in person' gatherings, we needed to engage fans in a BIG way - without a large in person gathering. Introducing, THE FINDING YELLOWSTONE SCAVENGER HUNT. Hiding 6 iconic elements from the show in various cities around the country we used social assets and influencers to challenge Yellowstone fans to find them.

The Execution

The World’s largest cowboy boots in San Antonio Texas – SURE! The World’s Largest Cowboy Hat in Seattle WA – WHY NOT?! After identifying 6 Landmarks spread across the country we went about the impossible process of permitting the placement of YELLOWSTONE branding on the actual artifacts. The process, especially during the pandemic was not easy, and securing permits on the World’s largest cow or landing a helicopter into the center of Dallas Texas was a true never-been-done and a true testament to production capabilities. The week leading up to the Season 4 premiere, we used the highly engaged Yellowstone owned channels to tease or branded landmarks. Hints, riddles and images across owned channels drove consumers to a custom microsite which allowed consumers to guess each landmarks whereabouts with custom developed interactive map. Guesses instantly populated longitude and latitude coordinates making the interactivity consumer centric and fun! The online interactive scavenger hunt experience was further gamified, by awarding ‘closest’ guesses each day with branded prizes and the chance to win a trip to the actual Dutton Ranch! Consumers who found our landmarks in person, could scan a QR code to verify their location and be rewarded with 10 bonus entries to the Grand Prize sweeps contest.

The Result
Website Visits
Website Guesses
In Person Engagements

“The social buzz leading up to the premiere of Yellowstone Season 4 led to over 12 million viewers, up 104% from Season 3, and made it the most successful premiere of any show since The Walking Dead in 2017!”

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