We turned
the East River into a Riviera

Stella Artois
Project Overview
The Challenge

Stella wanted a National Press Stunt/Program to help amplify their currently running creative campaign “SUMMER LIKE YOU’RE ON VACATION”

The Strategy

With subway delays, train cancellations and the hottest temperatures in years, national media and consumers were focused on commuting woes so we saw an opportunity to make the summer commute ‘A VACATION’ worthy experience.

The Execution

We wanted to create a program that would excite consumers and media alike! Introducing, THE EAST RIVER RIVIERA a RIVA STYLED commute between Brooklyn and New York! As a true never-been-done, we started with a ’social first’ seeding approach. 1 week pre-launch we curated a full day shoot with 12 influencers and our own content crews to produce boatloads of thumb stopping images & videos of the East River Riviera. We then used the influencer momentum to launch a custom reservation page which had over 850,000++ total website visits and a complete sell out within 4 minutes. Finally, By building our European-esque experiences in high visibility areas in New York and Brooklyn, total exposure from both ports drove almost 6 million additional impressions or roughly $94K in OOH media value.

The Result
Positive/Neutral Sentiment
of coverage includes at least two key messages
Social Volume
175 MM
Earned Media Impressions
Earned Media and Social Media Placements

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