We turned
Gerrymandering into pizza

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Project Overview
The Problem

Politicians are rigging elections all across America by creating voting districts that capture more people aligned to their party.

The Insight

Gerrymandering is a complicated, nationwide issue that threatens 70% of the country and nearly 188 millions. We’d need to simplify and contextualize its impact—that your neighbor one block away could be unrepresented—in terms people might understand.

The Solution

Introducing Gerry’s Partisan Pizza. First we created an actual Pizza restaurant in Austin, TX and then RIGGED (gerrymandered) the pizza delivery service by offering corrupt slices only to those within gerrymandered voting districts—and not a single house over the border. We then took the show on the road with a custom Gerry's Pizza truck which toured from Texas to New York allowing politicians to 'stump' in front of the truck to raise awareness of gerrymandering in their state!

The Result
Of those who engaged with Gerry's used dedicated hotline to call on local gov for change
+360 MM
Earned media impressions
+2.18 MM
Social Reach
Sues Texas alleging gerrymandered state map infringes rights of minority voters

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