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Bud Light Seltzer Seltzer Sessions
Project Overview
The Challenge

Create a 5 festival summer program to excite and engage Bud Light Seltzer consumers at major summer music festivals.

The Strategy

Bud Light Seltzer Sessions originated as an online activation but since its success, we were asked to take the show to even bigger stages with different types of music lovers and audiences at each. Working closely with Bud Light we developed a bubbly, bold identity that translated into a modular, scalable activation design which allowed for footprints of all shapes and sizes at 5 different music festivals! To make sure each event had its own true flavor for fans, we customized messaging at every touchpoint – allowing for a deeper relevance to audiences at each festival whether it be country, pop or hip-hop.

The Execution

Touring 5 festivals - Stagecoach, Lollapalooza, GovBall, Firefly and Life Is Beautiful - we created a playground for user generated content. From world-beater artists on stage to discovering new ones, fans had the chance to immerse themselves in a different kind of festival experience. Up close and personal with artists spanning multiple genres (depending on the festival), Bud Light Seltzer Sessions saw almost every fan creating content in their own way – whether it was creating reels from inside the crowd or stories around the site.

The Result
Major Festivals
Positive Brand Sentiment
Improved Data Capture
9.43 MM
Digital Impressions
Social Media Impressions

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